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James Freivogel (English translation for Freivogel - Freebird, hence Freebird Foto), has experience in front and behind the camera. He has directed award winning films and acted in some as well. Nearly thirty years of experience, he understands the struggles of what it takes in show business and the rewards it has to offer.   


Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, James attended Colombia College Chicago where he studied all aspects of the filmmaking process including photography. Leaning more towards directing and cinematography in his earlier days, James sought and found work in production for a number of major film and television studios. Along the way, James couldn't help but pick up some interest in acting as well. 


Appearing in several films and television commercials, acting became James' focus once his move to Los Angeles. He honed his craft at Playhouse West acting schoold in North Hollywood under the guidance of Robert Carnegie and Jeff Goldblum. James has also taken on many jobs unrelated to the industry to keep afloat during the slow times . He sees the positive in this for it gives him a plethora of life experiences to draw from to enrich his life and art. 


All these collective experiences, inside and out of the industry, is what inspires James to be available to you and your needs. No matter where you are in your career, whether it be the beginning or a seasoned one, his goal is to help advance your career forward by delivering to you rich and telling photos of who you are as a person and as an artist by tapping into your own experiences unique to us all and to your audience.

You are one of a kind. Let it shine!



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